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There’s a lot of buzz about  the early bird getting the worm and the huge benefits that waking up early can have on your life. I’m trying to find out if this is true for everyone or if perhaps some people (i.e. night owls) may benefit from a different schedule. As I told you last week, when I was researching the best hacks toget up early in the morning, I’m really not a morning person. Definitely not an early riser either. If I am left to my own devices, I tend to wake up around 9/9.30 because I know I don’t have to work or go to school until the afternoon and can do my freelance work whenever I want.

I’m a night owl, so I generally wake up later and work until 2 a.m., but often feel tired. I’m wondering if this early rising thing might help me fight fatigue and just feel better and more productive. The first week wasn’t easy, but I feel I’ve made some progress, even though the end of the week didn’t go as planned. I mostly focused on going to bed a little earlier and waking earlier, without worrying too much about everything else. By the end of the week, however, I wasn’t so convinced that being an early riser is the right thing for me. Here’s the rundown!

Monday – Wake Up Time: 8.45

Ok, so this wasn’t a stellar start, I give you that. Yesterday I went to bed with an awful headache and it was still here this morning. I actually wanted to sleep in more but then forced myself to get up. Admittedly, I went to bed waaay too late, around 1 a.m., which clearly doesn’t work very well. I was up working, but still, not the best way to start the day. And I could have skipped that late night episode of Supernatural. So, to recap, I didn’t go to bed early, I didn’t wake up early, I definitely didn’t turn off electronics, didn’t leave my phone far from my bed and hit snooze quite a few times. Way to go! On the plus side though, I did have a bath and tried to relax as much as possible, and I felt quite energetic during the day.

Tuesday – Wake Up Time: 8.45

Better than yesterday, definitely, although the wake up time stays the same. I went to bed around half past midnight, still not great but I really wasn’t sleepy at all. I pressed snooze a few times this morning but eventually got up because I was waiting for a delivery and was terrified that I’d be caught still in my pyjamas…how’s that for motivation? Still, I felt pretty energetic and was actually quite productive. I’m doing a short water fast too though, so I’m not sure if the energy is up thanks to the fast or to sleeping better.  

Wednesday – Wake up time: 8.30

Went to bed around quarter past midnight. It was a pretty average day; I didn’t have a ton of energy but I got quite a lot of work done so it was a productive day overall. Working out around 9.30 definitely helped me destress and unwind but it might have made it harder for me to fall asleep. Changing workout times isn’t exactly possible though because I go to dance classes. They’re not changing times for me so I just pick the classes I like which I can fit into my schedule. I didn’t turn my electronics off but I didn’t really use them before bed either. I used a calming and de-stressing aromatherapy rollerball from Naissancewhich was really soothing. It’s evident that I have a really big problem with the snooze button!

Thursday – Wake up time: 8.15

Slowly waking up earlier! I’m hoping to be at 7 a.m. around the end of next week but we’ll see. I had an awful evening routine because I had a lot of work to do. I finally turned my computer off and went to bed around midnight. Unfortunately, I still didn’t have as much time without electronics that I would have hoped. No snooze today!

Friday – Wake up time: 8.30

Really uneventful day overall, but today I’m kind of doubting the point of this experiment. I mean, what’s the difference between sleeping 8 hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. or between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m.? Is it that relevant to be an early riser in order to be productive? I usually work until late anyway and have always been a night owl. Maybe this might not be the best idea for me.

Saturday – Wake up time: 10.30

In my defence, I had a gig last night and got back at 2 a.m.; by the time I went to bed it was 2.30.
I really really needed to sleep so I don’t feel guilty about sleeping in, even though this doesn’t exactly scream “early riser”. I still got around the usual 8 hours, so it’s not like I actually slept extra. Setting a regular schedule is not exactly easy if you’re a performing musician getting regular gigs. 

Sunday – Wake up time: 10.30

What can I say…I like sleeping in on weekends! Today I felt pretty good but rather lazy. I guess this week had mixed results. I still feel my best if I work until late and get up a tiny bit later. We’ll see how next week goes, but I’m not completely sure I want to be an early riser anymore!

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