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Even if you aren’t a super huge Sigur Rós fan, I’ve never seen any other band captivate and mesmerize an audience as they do in their live performance. They put on an enchanting rock-slash-orchestral show, merging the various instruments to create a truly magical experience, an incredible feat for a trio of musicians. They don’t often go on extensive tours, so it really is worth seeing them when they do. They’ll be in Milan on 17th October 2017 at the Mediolanum Forum; they were also in my top five things to do in October 2017 in Milan. Here are 5 reasons why you definitely want to see Sigur Rós perform in 2017!

1) Two Sets Instead of One

According to their official website, this fall tour will be the first time Sigur Rós tours Europe without a support act. They will offer an extended evening of two sets instead of the classic opening act + one set, with an intermission in between. This means they’ll have more time and probably won’t need to cut as many fan faves due to time constraints.

2) It’s a Career Spanning  Concert

This year, their live setlist will feature many of their best-loved songs, as well as some new and unreleased material which is a preview for the band’s eighth studio album. You’ll get to hear basically something from every moment of their career, ranging from the first albums to new material. They’re not promoting a new album at the moment, so they will certainly perform many many songs from the past, especially since they’re play two sets!

3) The Atmosphere is Amazing

Every Sigur Rós concert is visually and acoustically stunning. They have fantastic award-winning illumination and the suggestive atmosphere they create with lights, visuals and sound takes you to distant, dreamy, magical lands. They are a strong presence on stage, with Orri’s powerful drums, Georg Holm’s dark basses and Jonsì’s angelic falsetto and electric guitar played with a cello bow; together, they are truly mesmerizing. Everything is surreal and once it’s over you almost feel as though you’ve experienced something mystical or spiritual.

Sigur Ros Playing Live

Sigur Rós by Frode Ramone, CC BY 2.0

4) They Rarely Tour

I saw Sigur Rós in 2012 in Milan, but they hadn’t been to Italy in ages. They were back in Monza in July 2016 for the I-Days festival, but I wasn’t in Italy and missed it. I was pretty sad because I thought I wouldn’t see them again for another four years or so. I guess they’re enjoying Italy since they’re back this October! However, they do take frequent breaks from touring so we might not see them for a while after this tour. Hopefully there will be a promotion tour once their eighth studio album comes out.

5) They Are Incredibly Special

For the duration of the concert, nothing but their music exists. They create a stream of continuous emotion, thanks to the crescendos in some of their greatest songs such as Glosoli and Saeglopur. It’s incredible to hear crowds singing songs that aren’t even in English, but rather in Vonlenska (Hopelandic, a language they created themselves) or Icelandic. Hoppipolla is usually a crowd favourite! To this day, I still remember the 2012 concert as one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever seen in my life. Perhpas the most beautiful one…and I’ve seen quite a few! No one compares to what they are able to create live. Their concerts will always hold a special place in my heart.

Curious? There are still a few tickets available on Ticketone. I’m also pretty sure you can get them on the day of the event!

Have you ever been to a Sigur Rós concert? What was it like? Let me know! 

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