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Mood playlists are a thing. They are more listened to than playlists organised by genres or artists. The most popular ones on Spotify have names such as “Have a Great Day” or “Life Sucks”. Since it’s time for #Fridayfive, here are the five best Spotify playlists to listen to in spring 2018.

1) Spring Acoustic

The name says it all! Spotify actually has wonderful acoustic playlists for all seasons and all times of day and, obviously, Spring Acoustic is particularly spring appropriate (although my all time favourite will probably always be Afternoon Acoustic).

Heavily focused on indie music, Spring Acoustic features a mix of hopeful, peaceful and uplifting tracks.

2) Happy Hits

It’s spring, so we’re supposed to be happy…right? That’s not always the case though. We go through transitions between one season and the following, just like animals do. Our natural biorhythms change and leave us feeling a little bit off.

Heavily pop oriented, this playlist will bring back the energy and happiness in no time! Or, you know, be a perfect background for the spring cleaning you know you need to do. Anything to make laundry more bearable!

3) Weekend Hangouts

The days are getting longer and warmer; it’s time to celebrate!

This is the perfect soundtrack for any picnic, soft party or chill weekend gathering. It’s moody and sophisticated, and features a mix of indie, house electronic and pop. A great way to unwind and let go!

4) Creativity Boost

Looking for that last push to really get your creative juices flowing? Whether you’re a writer, a musician, a painter, enjoy art as a hobby, or simply want to add more creativity to your daily job this is the perfect playlist for you! Spotify defines the tracks as “artsy and innovative”, and that’s a pretty good summary.

This playlist mostly features indie tracks with an artistic feel, with the aim of helping you get past your creative blocks. If it doesn’t work, it’s still great music!

5) Relax and Unwind

The summer’s still a while away and spring can actually be one of the most stressful times of the year because everything seems to overlap and you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with a million obligations and work deadlines at the same time.

This is the ideal playlist to (literally) relax and unwind at the end of the day and just treat yourself to some “me time”. Listen to it while taking a bath, stretching, meditating or just chilling on your sofa with some herbal tea or a glass of wine (whatever works!).

Relaxing, calming and mellow indie and alternative tracks help you regain balance and concentration. The perfect choice to unwind after a long day!

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