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Remember when I told you I lost the tickets to see Sigur Rós? Wouldn’t it be so great if I told you I found them just in time for the concert?

Yeah…that didn’t happen, obviously. What did happen though is that Mr. Songwriter (a.k.a. the best boyfriend in the world) saw how upset I was and bought me new tickets.

And Karma clearly exists, since his lovely action was rewarded by some random idiot stealing his bike. We haven’t exactly had the best of luck lately.

Anyway, on to Sigur Rós. I was so incredibly grateful for the tickets! The concert was nothing short of amazing. They are known for their sound and outworldly stage presence and they certainly did not disappoint. The atmosphere was absolutely unreal; it was incredible to see so many people just completely focused and captivated by the amazing music. However, the setlist choice was a little weird, as some of their greatest hits (Hoppipolla, Starálfur) were actually missing. 

In any case, the concert was amazing and pushed me to take a serious look at all their discography. While I truly believe that all albums are absolutely amazing and there isn’t one track I don’t like, a few stand out.

The problem here is that there’s way more than five! Here are my (personal) top five songs by Sigur Rós

5) Ekki múkk

This actually wasn’t on my favourites list until I saw it live. It was comforting, poignant and beautiful to no end. It was the second song they played during the concert and brought forth so many emotions. It’s comforting, delicate, nostalgic and very much overlooked. 

4) Starálfur

Many people discovered this song because it was featured on “The Life Aquatic”. The fireworks-explosions used as percussions make the song so much more intense. An interesting fact: the strings featured in this song are palindromic, which means they are the same forwards and backwards.

3) Bíum Bíum Bambaló

This one’s an old one, dating back to 200o. It appeared on the Ný batteri EPand isn’t that well known. I’ve never heard them play it live either. When I first discovered Sigur Rós I was so taken with them that I started listening to everything I could find. Takk had just come out and immediately became my favourite album of theirs but I came across Bium Bium Bambalo by chance. It’s a haunting but beautiful song derived from a popular icelandic lullaby. Iceland is known for it’s creepy lullabyes and this one upholds the tradition; it paints a sweet picture of domestic coziness, but for the creepy face outside the window.

Bíum bíum bambaló
Bambaló og dillidillidó.

My little friend I lull to rest
But outside, a face looms at the window.

…Creepy! Despite the slight stalkerish-slash-things-that-go-bump-in-the-night vibe, I have actually always found this song quite soothing and it has always been one of my favourite tunes to fall asleep to.

2) Dauðalogn

I came across this one on the season 3 finale of “The Vampire Diaries”; I got bored with the show a while after and never finished it, but I still remember that finale as being perfect and made even more poignant by the accompanying Sigur Rós music. Dauðalogn is heartbreakingly sad, nostalgic and hopeful, even though I don’t understand a word Jonsi is saying. It’s actually one of the most structured Sigur Ros songs as it has a sort of repeating verse and chorus; the opening of the chorus is one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard.

1) Glòsoli

I already said Takk was and is my favourite album by Sigur Rós and Glosoli is the absolute number one for me. Glosoli carries an emotional attachment as it’s the song that brought me to discover them. I was watching MTV (good times) and I think I must have been 11 or 12. There was this beautiful music video showing stunning children carrying drums and walking through stunning landscapes and I thought I simply had to know what the song was. It’s cinematic in its strength and build-up, with one of the loudest and most impacting crescendos the band have ever written. Glòsoli sounds like a blast of pure energy which hits you full force right in the face. It’s usually reserved for the end of concerts because of the energy it creates. Personally I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

0)  (The New Sigur Rós Entry) – Á

The first song Sigur Rós played in Milan was Á. It’s a new song and right now there’s only a few videos of live performances online. I love it. I think it’s amazing and it’s definitely in my top 10, if not top 5. I’m very very curious to hear the studio version though, and can’t wait for their album to come out!

So these are my personal top 5, and I want to stress my favourites; I know I’m leaving out a few favourites such as Untitled 8 and Sven-G-Englar (Tju!), but they are all so close! 

If they’re playing live where you live, be sure to get your tickets. It’s an epic concert!

What are your favourite songs by Sigur Rós?

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    • You must! They’re wonderful and deeply emotional…my favourite album is Takk although they’re all beautiful and some tracks on Valtari are just stunning…let me know if you like them!!

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