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I recently turned 28, after a not so great 27. It seems like the perfect time to start making good decisions for myself and to really stop worrying so much about what others think or say. Summer holidays are a good time to relax, but often bikini season can be more stressful than relaxing, especially if you have to spend some mandatory time with parents and relatives.

I really don’t want to spend my summer worrying about stupid mindless things, so here are my five resolutions which will hopefully allow me to enjoy a stress-free summer.

No Dieting

I’m so done right now with obsessive dieting. Sure, I’m not super skinny and definitely not super toned either, but I’m just fed up with the concept of dieting. More and more studies are showing that dieting usually means setting yourself up for failure anyway, since all the weight comes back after that.

I’m a healthy weight and I work out; despite this, I’m a little soft and I have cellulite (which, by the way, has been made out to be this horrible disease when in reality it’s natural). I think this year should be the year where I finally accept my body. I am never going to have super skinny thighs, period. Even when I weighed a lot less than I do now, my thighs were still large in proportion and the cellulite was still there.

So, this summer, diets are out. Instead, the focus should be on eating in a healthy way without depriving yourself of treats when you feel like it. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on some really great summer dinners and you’ll be feeling left out and hangry. I don’t want to spend my summer being moody because I can’t eat or drink with my friends and family.

And about tight or short clothes? There’s really no point in thinking “I’m going to wear this when I’m thinner”…just wear it! The body positivity movement is at its strongest, and I’m definitely liking it. Join me in banning diets and just enjoying your beach bod!

Read More

I used to be the kind of kid that would spend every spare second reading. Somewhere along the line, that got lost; not only that, I’m hardly ever completely satisfied with books I read so that just puts me off reading more. Lack of time, lack of energy, electronic distractions are all reasons why most of us read less than we used to.

I do read a lot more in the summer than I do during the rest of the year, but this time I’m hoping the summer will jumpstart my reading again so I can keep up a steady reading habit all year. I think sticking to classics I haven’t read and doing extra research will also go a long way in making sure I enjoy what I read more.

Have any good books suggestions? How big is your TBR pile?

Items you need for travel (camera. singlasses, notebook, compass...)

Travel Locally

I’m spending most of this summer in a small town in Puglia which I already know by heart. The beach is beautiful and so is the sea. The food is absolutely incredibly wonderful; I literally cannot explain how good food in Puglia is. Italy is famous for food…but as you go towards the south it’s even more incredible!

However, every time I go to Puglia I basically spend all my time at the beach. I haven’t actually explored the surrounding cities and culture that much, partly because the excessive August heat makes it really hard to do anything except lounge at the beach.

This year, I’m promising myself that the heat will not stop the travel bug. Traveling broadens horizons and really helps you see things in a different perspective. I need a battery recharge this year and travelling, even if it’s just two hours away, might just be the thing.

If you’re anything like me, there are plenty of neighbouring cities, states or culturally important locations which you haven’t seen. Visit somewhere you’ve never been before, try new food and just make beautiful memories. Which brings me to…

Get Into Photography (and Other Artsy Things)

I hate ugly, vapid photos. I just cannot stand them. Most photos I look at are uneventful and boring, lacking in composition or any artistic value. This is probably why I’m always so stuck. Sure, the memory is important but I strongly dislike boring vacation photos and don’t see the point in taking photos simply to post them on Instagram or Social Media in general. A photo, for me, has to have some kind of artistic value.

Digital photography means you can take as many photos as you like. While that’s definitely a positive aspect, having only a few clicks meant that we had to be more careful when taking pictures.

This summer, I’m going to try to see the beauty in places I already know, and hopefully capture some really unique moments. Not every photo will be perfect, obviously, but it’s the practise that counts!

Speaking of practice…I personally also really need to practice guitar. My guitar skills have been dropping lately, just because I haven’t had time to practice and I’ve been focusing on other musical projects, and I turn to the piano easily just because my technique there is great. My guitar technique though? Not so much. Now seems like the right time to start working again.

Another goal is to keep blogging, since I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon lately. It’s really difficult to keep writing with a million things going on and blogging falling behind on the priorities’ list, but blog growth takes time!

I’m sure you have something that you’ve always wanted to take up but never did. Is it cooking? Photography? A musical instrument? Whatever your pursuit, now’s the perfect time to work on it!

Focus on Myself and Stop Worrying About the Future

This one’s a bit of a cheat, because it encompasses various aspects. I mentioned previously how I didn’t get my dream job, and I’m sure many others are experiencing the same situation. There’s no point spending the whole summer worrying about the future though!

I’m sending out CVs and going on interviews, with the hope of finding a job I’m excited about by September. While I really hope I find something, I’m also going to leave the job search at home during my August vacation.

The aim is just to relax and recharge after a really really tough year, whether it’s by reading, traveling, taking long relaxing walks on the beach followed by equally long dips in the water, playing guitar and singing, eating, or whatever else I feel like doing.

It sounds cliché, but life is too short and you only get one. I spent my last few years working and worrying over every single little thing. I think it’s time to enjoy it, don’t you?



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