Productive desktop with mint green notebooksI’m not much of an electronic planner person, but I really like Evernote! In fact, I like it so much that I’ve held onto it despite the changes and limitations they’ve put on the free version, such as the fact that you can’t use it with more than two devices at the same time.

Today, smartphones are huge distractions and usually pose a threat to our productivity. If you’re an aspiring songwriter which has to juggle songwriting and performing with a normal job, or perhaps a mother who has decided to go back to school or has to find time for both kids and work, reducing distractions is essential. Smartphones can actually be an excellent productivity tool and Evernote can help you harness that productivity.

Productivity On The Go

I love paper planners and notebooks and I almost always have one with me…almost being the key word. If I really want to jot something down but I don’t have a notebook, Evernote saves the day. At first I was really annoyed at the device limitation, but now I realised I don’t really need it on my computer, so I’m fine with just having it on my iPad and iPhone. I mean, if I’m at home I’m probably in reach of a paper notebook as well, and I never really take my computer anywhere anyway.

Different Notebooks

Evernote is kind of like having a binder with dividers; you can have different notebooks for different subjects. For example, I have a notebook for new songs and another one for live dates and set-lists, but I also have a notebook for random stuff that happens, and I might choose to have one for meal planning, blogging or whatever.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I had a notebook for all the stuff we needed to buy and another one for interior design ideas I like. Of course, I ended up painting the walls white as budget was limited but whatever, the ideas will be useful in the future. I still really want to get a hammock in my living room!

I even have a notebook dedicated to my favourite Pizza
places in Milan and the ones I still haven’t tried. Guess what my favourite food is…?

Evernote Holds Everything You Need

For quite a while I tried to keep my notebooks to a minimum, but I realised it’s actually a lot more useful when you use it as a default notebook, bookmark and  app. It’s great to have everything in it, all the information you need searchable and indexed, accessible while you’re on the go.

The more things you add to Evernote, the more useful it becomes. What I previously considered notes have now become notebooks, easily manageable through tags and note links which connect similar information together. This lets me store more information more easily. 

Bottom line, Evernote is a great note-taking app, probably the best around. The free plan is still worth using, despite its limitations. I don’t need to upgrade to one of the paid plans right now as I’m quite happy with it’s current offering and it’s great having it on my iPhone and iPad right now. Things might change if Evernote changes and limits its usage even more, but for now I definitely recommend it.

Any great alternatives I should check out? Let me know!

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